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January 9, 2017

 Welcome to our first official blog post!


And for those of you who made it through the entire video above, thank you. If you are slightly confused by that experience, feel free to read on as we have answered some probable FAQs.


What just happened?


You just watched a video of the Dropkick Designs duo, Molly and Maris.


Where am I?


You are currently on their website. Here you will find our design, animation, and craft projects. Feel free to explore!


How did I get here?


Your either a) friend, b) family member, c) Molly’s co-worker, d) Instagram and/or snapchat follower of Maris, or e) victim of the black hole known as the world wide web.


Is that an original song in the beginning montage?


Why, yes it is.


What's with your faces?


There was a nicer way to pose that question. But, don't you know the saying the camera adds 10 pounds...of make-up? Or it may be that we left our make-up on from the 1950s scene in the montage. Art waits for no one.


Who is Lil’ Raylin?


She is our cat who has been forced to appear in videos. Don’t feel bad for her, she is incredibly spoiled and wakes us up at four in the morning almost everyday.


Do you have friends?


…Yes. In fact, we have many talented friends in film, music, and other creative fields. We are all about collaboration and challenging ourselves, so we use each other a lot. It’s important to find friends with skills and convince them to work with you for the “love of the craft.”


Oh, and we have other normal friends who keep us grounded and off our high horses too. Like nurses, non-profit workers, teachers, good people.


What should I expect from these blog posts?


Honestly we don’t really know yet! We want to share our passion and creative process with people who are interested. People are always asking us how we do certain things, how long it takes, and why. Hopefully, these posts will help answer these questions.


You are expecting something from us?


YES! PLEASE! HUMAN CONTACT! No seriously, we do have friends. But we would love to hear from you. Sometimes our brains are fried and we are unmotivated slugs. This is where you come in. Challenge us! Make us make something! Every couple of weeks we are determined to put out a challenge for ourselves, directed by you the viewer. It may come in the form of a prompt or animation or music inspired video. When the time comes we will post calls for suggestions on both this site and our social media accounts. We would love if you joined in the collaboration!


More questions and comments? Use the space below!


Thanks for entertaining our ridiculous endeavors,



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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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