Molly and Maris met at Ithaca College while pursuing their degrees in Cinema Production. The first time they worked together on a set, Maris was seen passing out her large collection of faux furs for the male crewmembers to wear. Molly was confused and dismissed this girl.


As time passed, Molly realized that Maris was actually bearable and began to associate herself with Maris in class and hallways. Molly needed an editor and producer for the thesis she wrote, Maris needed a script and a production. One thing lead to another, they nailed their final project in school, and have been friends ever since.

Molly and Maris reside in Brooklyn. After gaining a Vine following, Maris signed with a production agency. Molly has worked on multiple films and TV shows under the costume and art departments. Both have experienced the inner works of the media industry and appreciate all the opportunities that have been given to them. 

Molly and Maris decided to form Dropkick Designs to challenge and satisfy their creative temptations through independent work in animation, design, and filmmaking. 

They live with a snarky cat named Raylin Charles. 

How did this happen?


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